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YOU’RE INVITED…  We invite developers, builders and architects to participate in the development of a waterfront community at the start of the Thousand Islands.  This could take many forms—a single developer developing the entire site, three different developers each developing one of the three lots or many end-users purchasing smaller more affordable lots and placing beautiful Bonneville pre-fab units like the Nano, KUB, Chic or Zen.  Would you like to own waterfront land at an affordable price with a beautiful new year-round cottage?  Call us today and provide your feedback as we design this new waterfront area in the Thousand Islands.

FOR SALE: Waterfront land with 1,000 feet of frontage. It is zoned for development with enough land for up to 80 condos or 8 waterfront mansions. It has water, power and sewer access and includes an operating 40 slip marina. See ships during the day, watch the sun set over the 1,000 Islands, then enjoy the sparkling lights of Brockville at night. This land is located across from Brockville, Ontario in the tranquil village of Morristown, New York. Our photo gallery shows one possible development plan but you are free to build your own waterfront masterpiece.   Across the river, Tall Ships Landing, a 15 floor condominium development was recently built.


Lot A: North point $300,000

Lot B: Mid-section $400,000

Lot C: Marina area $500,000

Logan Clements 310-795-2509

FINANCIERS WANTED: finance the purchase of this land by a developer.  Hold the land as collateral.


Do you know builders, developers or anyone else who might want to purchase waterfront land?  Call to hear about the generous commission being offered to whomever brings us a buyer.

SATELLITE VIEW (then click Map, then click Earth in lower left)


Visit the land by car or boat and eat next door at “Ella’s American Bistro“.   Call ahead and you can dock at River Watch Marina.

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